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Multi-stage water pump-workpiece description

When multi-stage water pumps work at high speeds, due to the uneven material of the rotor, blank defects, machining and assembly errors, and the asymmetric geometry of the design, the rotor will become eccentric. When the rotor rotates, a relatively large unbalanced centrifugal inertial force is generated, which causes the pump to vibrate or be damaged. A well-balanced pump not only has good stability, but also increases its service life.


Multi-stage water pump applicable models are: ring belt balancer, universal joint drive balancer


Huashun universal joint drive balancing machine is especially suitable for fans, large motors, water pumps, centrifuges, rubber rollers, drying cylinders, internal combustion engines, sieve baskets, etc. Balance detection of mechanical rotating parts. The same applies to special rotors with an extended center of gravity. The universal joint transmission method can transmit more power and run more smoothly. One machine can also use the belt drive mode and universal joint drive mode at the same time.

Belt balancing machine:

Huashun belt balancing machine is especially suitable for balancing detection of rotating parts of motor rotor, fan impeller, water pump impeller, supercharger rotor, centrifuge rotor, rubber roller, machine tool spindle, crankshaft and other machinery. The direct transmission of the loop belt reduces the error of the fixture, simple operation and higher detection accuracy.