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Huashun's Strategic Practice of Independent Intellectual Property and Brand Building


China's entry into the WTO has made the domestic and foreign markets a unified market, which is a challenge and opportunity for Chinese enterprises. If an enterprise or an industry does not have an independent brand with independent intellectual property rights, in the face of this challenge and opportunity, it can only be a manufacturing plant for others. It is impossible for an enterprise to go out into the international market and obtain the corresponding benefits and status. of.


(1) Adjust the structure and define the brand positioning.

      Huashun's brand building first adjusted the company's organizational structure, production structure, products and market structure. The organizational structure of the company broke the vertical structure of the planned economic model of the original state-owned enterprise and was adjusted to a flat organizational structure. That is market-oriented, and has established a market development department, customer service department, supplier service department, intellectual property department, project development department, product research and development center, technology center, various motors, and balance machine divisions that are directly facing the market. Improved the company's sensitivity to market changes and operating efficiency to adapt to market changes. In terms of production structure, the traditional "small but complete" pattern of all parts and components produced by itself has been broken, an advanced production mode adapted to advanced manufacturing has been established, and a strict supply chain has been organized. The key components and core technologies for motors and balancing machines are manufactured in-house, which guarantees the quality of products and advanced technology. In terms of product structure and market structure, it is positioned at the mid-to-high end, and strengthens the research and development of mid-to-high-end products and the development of mid-to-high-end markets. At present, Huashun's product research and development and market development all focus on energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and high technology. The product market is oriented to high-tech fields and advanced enterprises in the industry. Based on this, the company has established business and technical cooperation relationships with a number of large companies. Motor and balancer products have been exported to more than 45 countries, expanding the international influence of the "Hua Shun" brand.

(2) Integrate into the advanced industry chain and enhance brand value.

      Huashun company belongs to the pre-foundation manufacturing industry of other manufacturing industries. Therefore, the goal of Huashun's brand building and integration into the market is to enable enterprises to enter the industrial chain of advanced industries and to make themselves a pivotal or indispensable part of this industry chain And make the industries, industries and companies using Huashun products feel that they are promoting their brands. To this end, Huashun's quality policy is "understand and meet customer needs, keep pace with the times, and continue to innovate", and establish a "lifetime service" business philosophy to achieve customer value.

      Our service to customers starts with the selection. It is not that there is no product, nor is it what the customer wants. It is to help the customer select the model and provide the product according to the actual needs of the customer. Track the development of new product prototypes from the start and make improvements. Our service is to make the serviced person feel respected, to enhance the brand through the service, and to increase the customer's use value of the product. Huashun's brand building principles are: "Huashun" is the best quality product of the same price; "Huashun" is the cheapest product of the same quality.

(3) Proactively advance various certifications to improve brand access.

      Huashun Company successfully passed the IS09001: 2000 quality management system in August 2001. Some of Huashun's motors and balancing machines also passed "CE" and other product safety certifications.

      Huashun's implementation of "brand building" also reflects a step ahead of all the certifications. As early as February 2003, the European Commission issued the "Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment", the RoHS Directive, which came into effect on July 1, 2006. In response to this technical barrier, our company actively responded. From May 2005, we organized technical, management, and procurement personnel to study the contents of the RoHS directive and analyze the company's parts and components that easily contain the six hazardous substances specified in the directive. , Formulated a series of technical and technological solutions, eliminated unqualified suppliers in advance. Since our company breached the technical barrier of the RoHS directive in advance, when most domestic electromechanical companies failed to export due to failure to pass the RoHS directive, Huashun Motor and balancing machine products not only did not lose their original market, but also won With more foreign merchants, the influence of the "Hua Shun" brand in the European, American and other international markets has been further expanded.


4. Focus on independent innovation and protection of intellectual property rights.

      Huashun focuses on the role of the brand's intangible assets and aims to create a well-known and durable brand.

      Brand building and the creation of independent intellectual property rights are at the core. To this end, further establish a global technology network, and use universities and research institutes as our cooperative units to combine production, study, and research and use two domestic and foreign talent resources. The purpose is to understand and follow the world's leading Science and technology to provide external technical support for the creation of independent intellectual property rights.


      Huashun's innovation and protection of independent intellectual property rights in recent years focus on three aspects: the creation and protection of patents with independent intellectual property rights, the development of advanced standards, and the registration of "Huashun" trademarks.

First, technological innovation and patent application.

       Patents are the bridge for the transformation of technological innovation achievements into productivity, and the legal protection of the transformation of technological achievements into intangible assets. Huashun successively applied patented technologies such as vertical balancer spindle structure and HSC control system to new products. New product development reserves have maintained a two-year lead time difference.


Second, advanced standards can shape advanced brands.

      Standards first, "advanced standards as the guide", this is another important guiding ideology of Huashun brand construction as the core, put forward the "implementation of technical standards strategy, the development of brand enterprises" goal. In order to adapt to the WTO and economic globalization and the development direction of industrial technology, our company has established advanced industry technical standards and quality standards as the main means, and established a standard system that is in line with international standards. Insist on product development with standards as the guide, formulate enterprise standards for various industrial motors and balancing machines, actively participate in the formulation of industry standards and national standards, and build advanced manufacturing with the creation and promotion of standards.


Third, the creation and registration of the "Huashun" trademark.

      An important task of Huashun brand building is the creation, promotion, use and protection of the "Huashun" trademark. Since the registration and use of the "Hua Shun" trademark since 2001, Huashun has given careful cultivation and care. Huashun Motors and Huashun Balancer products that use the "Hua Shun" trademark have become famous brand products in people's minds. "Hushun" trademarks were registered.


(5) Continuously improve the brand building strategy and consolidate the achievements of brand building.

      Brand is a whole, and the integration of employees' personal brands reflects the corporate brand. Huashun's corporate brand building is based on the "development of staff quality ahead of production and management". Through "post management", employees become "post masters" to enhance self-worth, create corporate value, and develop corporate brands.


      Corporate reputation is an important connotation of the brand. Corporate reputation includes corporate social reputation, financial reputation, business reputation, and product reputation. Adhere to the concept of "the development of corporate reputation ahead of production and operation".

The improvement and improvement of the brand starts from the details. The development process of the brand is the process of improving the details. The improvement of all aspects of the details is the brand. Can feel the "Hua Shun" detail service. The product research and development, design, process technology and manufacturing operations are continuously improved and innovated in detail. The improvement and innovation of each detail is the accumulation and improvement of the brand.


(6) Strengthen brand promotion and enhance brand image.

      Brand culture is a comprehensive reflection of the historical and traditional characteristics of enterprises and products and innovation accumulated in the brand. Brand culture can enhance the brand image, which is to grasp the balance between customer interests, government interests, shareholder interests, and employee interests, so as to satisfy everyone. .


Strengthen the brand's external publicity and promotion, focusing on the following three aspects:

The first is to increase the visibility of the company, which is to let everyone know about us;

The second is to enhance the reputation of the company and let everyone say that we are good;

The third is to enhance corporate trust and let customers trust us.


      Through the brand culture and its commitment, the popularity, reputation and trust of Huashun's "Huashun" brand has been improved, and the brand image has been continuously improved.

      The implementation of the brand-building strategy of Huashun Company has successfully transformed the company's competitive approach: the company has changed from product competition to competition in the industrial chain; from individual enterprise competition to resource-integrated enterprise chain competition; from product technology quality Competition is transformed into brand competition with independent intellectual property as the core.

      Since 2006, Huashun has further put forward the concept of "openness, tolerance, innovation", adhered to the strategic policy of "implementing technology standard strategy and developing brand enterprises", devoted itself to industry innovation, provided momentum for human harmony and harmony, and strived for "Shun Manufacturing" has become the manufacturing base of an internationally renowned brand "created in China".